Corporate Massage


Stress on the job?

Feeling overwhelmed? Do tension headaches and back pain make it hard to concentrate? When pain and stress affect the workplace, it is time to implement massage into your Company Wellness Program! Let a soothing chair or table massage wash away the workday stress, leaving you and your employees feeling more energized, mentally alert, and healthy. 

Workplace Chair Massage

Trade your Coffee Break for a Therapeutic or Relaxing Massage!

Our practitioners come to your location. Sessions may be scheduled to suit your needs. We can assist you in setting up weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one time special events.


​​​Chair Massage Excels as part of a Wellness Program

  • Specially designed chairs are used to fully support and employee, promoting maximum relaxation and benefit.
  • No oils or creams are used in chair massage. 
  • Employees remain fully clothed.
  • Any area away from busy traffic/noise is suitable.
  • After an employee is seated comfortably, the practitioner begins massaging the neck and shoulders, then moves to arms and hands.
  • This is all done in 10-20 minutes time, after which the employee will feel more relaxed and refreshed.

Benefits of Chair Massage

  • Results are immediate.
  • Chair massage can help ease headaches, minor backaches, and neck pain.
  • For computer users, it helps relax the shoulders, and can help relieve problems that can lead to carpel tunnel syndrome or tendonitis.
  • It calms the nervous system and increases circulation, which boosts energy, alertness, and healthy immune functioning.
  • Regular chair massage helps employees identify and release tension on their own before it becomes a problem.